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Can I embed your calendar on my site?

Sorry, not at present. We are looking at future ways of providing a feed of some events and activities, for example your own events, to individual Churches and Organisations. If this is something you would be interested in then please contact Senior Editor, Graham Bruno, at

But, please could you also spread the word about and encourage people you know to tell us about forthcoming events? The more comprehensive the site becomes the better the calendar will be for everyone.

How do I subscribe to the calendar? is available in standard calendar formats including ical and Google Calendar. This means if you use a computerised calendar you can have events automatically appear in your calendar.

Can I use on mobiles & tablets?

Yes! The site is designed to adapt whatever size of screen you are using at the time. Most modern smart phones and tablets should be able to display the site without issue.

If you have any problems please let us know and we will see what we can do to help.

Where can I submit an Event?

You can submit an event on the Submit Event page. Once an event has been submitted this will be reviewed before appearing as a live event.

If you have submitted an event and are seeing problems with your event, please Contact Us.

What information should be included in an event submission?

• Event title;
• A short description of the event;
• Event date(s) and time(s);
• Event Image;
• Event Category (eg Worship / Conference / Meeting etc);
• Event Venue/location(s);
• Event contact name(s);
• Event external URL link to purcahse tickets/register;
• Any costs associated with the event;

What criteria do events need to meet to be included?

• The event needs to be of interest to some element of the Christian community.
• Christian Community is defined as ‘people who love Jesus and live in fellowship with each other.
• Events can be of general interest or targeted to a specific audience. (e.g. men/women only, kids events, youth events).

What types of event are not currently being included?

• Regular Sunday Services, when most Christians would want to attend their own church. However, all genuinely ecumenical services and special events are welcome.
• Events of interest mainly or only to one church or denomination.

What about events on political or social issues?

• We welcome submissions of events that would be of interest to Christians with a concern for political or social issues; however, the organising group must be Christian in nature.
• Events are included on the understanding that this does not constitute an endorsement of any particular denomination, political party or outlook.

How will my event be declined?

• We reserve the right to decline to publish any submitted event.
• All reasons for events being declined will be reviewed monthly by the Editorial Team, these reviews will be used to improve the clarity of our Editorial Guidelines and Process in future.
• We will NOT enter into individual correspondence about the reasons behind any refusal to publish an event.

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