Financial Support


Christian Diary is owned and managed by Small Wooden Platform, an organisation which supports and encourages new, aspiring and existing, talented Christian artists to develop their gifts and skills and use them in promoting the gospel.

Funding has been provided through proceeds from The Aberdeen Passion productions with technical support and oversight coming through the Small Wooden Platform network. Content maintenance is through the efforts of a network of volunteers.

All Trustees and Directors of Small Wooden Platform are unpaid, all Editors and Reporters of Christian Diary are unpaid. We reimburse legitimate and approved expenses, but all other costs are met from individual contributions, donations, sponsorship, and surplus revenues from activities undertaken.

Support & Sponsorship

The Small Wooden Platform and Christian Diary offers a number of ways you can support and sponsor our activities. Support and Sponsorship can be in cash or in kind. These include:
• Promotion of concerts.
• Sponsorship of particular events and activities.
• Advertising on websites, concert programmes, banners, etc.
• Technical support and sponsorship of websites, application development, hosting, etc.
• Building a New “Hub” in Aberdeen – we are planning to build a Creative Hub in Aberdeen, and are looking for key sponsors for this exciting and ambitious project.


These are always welcome, no matter how large or small, and donations can be in cash or in kind. You will join a family of committed people making a real difference.


We have a major project planned for Aberdeen. We are planning to build a new Creative Hub in Aberdeen, where resources can be focused, creative talent developed, and events/activities staged and promoted. Legacy income will form a key part of funding this project, and provides a great opportunity for interested people to be remembered on earth, when they are in heaven.

If you like what we are doing, and want to learn more about our plans, then contact me, Ken Sturgeon, Chairman, Small Wooden Platform, and I will delighted to meet with you, tell you more, and discuss opportunities for you and any ideas you have to help us. I am also happy to deliver brief talks or presentations on our current work and future plans to any church, group, or organisation.